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Orange County

Have you been charged with a felony?

Have you been accused of any type of felony offense in the Orange County area? Talking to a criminal defense lawyer is one of the most important steps you can take at this moment. Whether you have already been charged with a felony or are currently under investigation by law enforcement, you may be at risk of facing a conviction for this offense and may therefore face years in state prison along with other serious criminal penalties, in addition to the reality of living with a "strike" on your record, which will lead to increased penalties for future convictions. You will need immediate, aggressive criminal defense counsel to fight your charges.

Contact Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Jennifer Le today!

What is a Felony?

In California, a felony is a crime punishable by a 1 year in state prison all the way to life imprisonment or the death penalty in extreme cases. Murder and manslaughter, hate crimes, kidnapping, robbery and burglary are all examples of crimes that may be classified as felonies. One factor that makes felony offenses so potentially serious is the fact that they may count as strikes on a defendant's criminal record if he or she is convicted, leading to double the penalties for a second strike and 25 years to life in prison for a third felony conviction of any kind.

Criminal Defense for Orange County Felony Charges

Jennifer Le is a former Deputy District Attorney, and experienced criminal defense attorney who is here to help in the face of your felony charges. She takes on cases throughout the greater Orange County area and can offer you a consultation that will shed light on the situation, your legal options and what can be done at this point to fight against a conviction.

Contact Orange County Felony Defense Lawyer Jennifer Le today!

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