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Orange County Counterfeiting Defense Attorney

Accused of money laundering?

Money laundering is a process by which a person or organization attempts to conceal the source of illegally obtained funds. This is done through a series of complex financial transactions that make the money appear to have originated from legit sources. While money laundering used to involve only organized crime groups, it has expanded to include any type of business or organization, large or small.

Contact Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney Jennifer Le today!

If you have been accused of money laundering, you will need an experienced attorney who can fight to protect your rights and your interests. Orange County money laundering defense lawyer Jennifer Le is familiar with money laundering charges and their defenses. Licensed to practice in both state andfederal courts, Jennifer Le also has the resources to fully investigate your charges, locate and interview witnesses on your behalf, and gather evidence that proves your innocence.

Penalties for Money Laundering in California

If convicted of money laundering, you may face a prison sentence as well as fines of up to $250,000 or $500,000, depending upon the value of money that was laundered and your prior criminal record, if any. Most financial penalties are based off the amount of money laundered, either by multiplying it by three or five times, or by using the guideline for the maximum penalty, whichever is greater.

By working with defense attorney Jennifer Le, you have the chance of a plea bargain, settlement or dropped charges. If your case goes to court, attorney Le is willing to use aggressive litigation techniques to help you get a winning verdict. Make sure you understand your rights and that you exercise these rights by hiring an attorney who can represent you.

Accused of money laundering? Contact Orange County laundering defense attorney Jennifer Le today!

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