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3rd DUI

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3rd DUI Offense
Experienced DUI Attorney in Orange County
Consequences of a Third DUI Offense

While no DUI offense is ever without consequence, the more times you are charged and successfully convicted, the harsher the penalties. Each time you will face compounded punishments, the level of severity growing exponentially. If you have previously faced two DUI charges and are arrested and charged with a third, it is absolutely vital that you do not hesitate to contact an experienced DUI attorney in Orange County to help you fight to protect your rights. Situations such as this carry with them ramifications that could affect the rest of your life – you do not want to be stuck without the assistance of someone with the resource and desire to fully protect you.

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If you are successfully convicted of a third DUI, within ten years of your previous conviction, you will face punishments including anywhere from 120 days to a year imprisonment, a monetary fine between $390 and $1000, a three year license suspension, and will be required to have an ignition interlock device.

Beyond that, it is very likely that you could be convicted as a habitual offender and will face mandatory enrollment in a driving under the influence program. Although these penalties are painful enough in their own right, the sheer existence of a criminal record should not be overlooked. To assist in avoiding such consequences, do not waste time in getting the legal support you deserve.

Experienced DUI Attorney in Orange County

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