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Orange County Counterfeiting Defense Attorney

Orange County counterfeiting defense attorney Jennifer Le has in-depth knowledge of the criminal defense laws and, after time as a Deputy District Attorney, she has established her own private practice in Orange County. Through her aggressive representation and knowledgeable defense techniques, attorney Jennifer Le has built a strong reputation throughout the Orange County legal community.

Long ago, counterfeiting money used to be punishable by death in the United States. Today, it is a felony offense with a maximum sentence of up to 15 years in state prison, along with fines. Although the U.S. government takes steps to create money that is harder to duplicate, technological advances have given counterfeiters a chance to duplicate far more advanced forms of legal tender than were ever possible before.

Counterfeit Goods in California

While counterfeiting used to only refer to money, it now refers to goods as well. Designer clothing and accessories have seen a rise in counterfeiting practices. People create these products and may try to pass them off as originals or sell them for far less than the actual product would sell for. Orange County counterfeiting defense attorney Jennifer Le is familiar with these charges as well and can work to defend your rights in a counterfeit goods case.

If you have been charged with or are under investigation for any type of counterfeiting offense or other theft crime such as embezzlement, investment fraud, or other white collar crime it is important to contact a skilled defense lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner a lawyer can start building a defense for your charges, the better the chances are of you attaining a winning verdict or having your charges lessened or dropped altogether. At the Law Office of Jennifer Le, we offer a free evaluation to discuss your case and see how we can help you.


Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a third strike case, the criminal court process is stressful at the very least and terrifying at the very worst. Having an aggressive attorney armed with the expertise you need is critical. Having the right lawyer from the beginning of the case could mean the difference between a dismissal and a prison term.

If you or someone you know is under investigation or has been arrested for Counterfeiting to contact Orange County Defense Attorney Jennifer Le today!

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