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Embezzlement is a theft crime which involves the act of permanently appropriating assets or money by a person to whom they have been temporarily entrusted. In defending embezzlement charges, early intervention by an experienced and skilled defense lawyer is essential in order to avoid a criminal conviction or even preventing formal charges from ever being filed. A qualified defense lawyer may be able to work out a settlement to avoid criminal proceedings altogether.


Orange County Embezzlement Defense Attorney Jennifer Le has defended numerous clients accused of embezzlement. These charges may be complex and sophisticated because of the complicated transactions and amount of physical evidence, but Attorney Le and her team are experienced and well equipped to handle such matters. By being thorough and careful from the initial evaluation and then in his full investigation of your case, Attorney Le will develop a defense strategy that will help serve to obtain the best possible results for a client in their case.

Also referred to as “employee theft” or “employee fraud”, embezzlement occurs when an employee illegally transfers, uses or appropriates money or property for their personal use. An accountant, manager, CEO or any employee may be accused of this crime. Once an accusation is made, an audit will typically be conducted, and the employer may try to withhold the wages of the employee accused of embezzlement. If your employer has said that they suspect you of embezzlement it is essential that you consult a criminal defense attorney in order to explore your best options and defense immediately.

A criminal conviction for embezzlement may include a prison sentence of 3 years or more, along with fines and other penalties. If the amount of loss is in excess of $50,000 or if the embezzlement occurred through numerous transactions the penalties and prison sentences may be much higher. This all may be avoided when an experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer takes on the case, crafting the correct defense strategy to obtain the best possible results for their client. It may be that the best resolution for all parties involved is an out of court settlement or repayment plan – and this will help avoid the media attention and criminal penalties an embezzlement conviction may cause.

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