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Under California Law Hate crimes are not separate distinct crimes, but rather traditional offenses motivated by the offender’s bias against the perceived characteristics of the victim. These characteristics may include a crime motivated by the victim’s disability, gender, nationality, race or ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. Allegations of Hate crimes have become the subject of increased media attention and widespread public disapproval. Federal agencies such as the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) may become involved in the investigation and prosecution of a hate crime case, bringing their vast resources to the table. As such, an individual accused of a hate crime will need the most experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect his or her rights even in the face of such zealous prosecutions.

Hate Crimes Defense Attorney

Orange County Hate Crime Defense Attorney Jennifer is licensed to practice in both State and Federal Court and is experienced in defending clients who are facing hate crime charges. An allegation of a hate crime will result in enhanced penalties for the accused if he or she is convicted of the alleged offense and if a Judge or Jury determines that the crime was motivated by a bias against the victim based on one of the above-listed criteria. Attorney Le and her staff work to gather evidence and witness testimony that will favor their client’s case – in order to prove factual innocence or reasonable doubt of guilt and help to secure an acquittal.

Don’t hesitate to contact a defense lawyer at our firm if you have been accused of or arrested for a hate crime. At the Law Offices of Jennifer Le, we understand that false accusations, mistaken identity or simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time may have led to our clients’ charges and we are committed to upholding their constitutional rights throughout the criminal process. It is possible to have State and Federal law work in your favor, Attorney Jennifer Le has the know-how and the experience to help clients facing hate crime accusations.

Repercussions of a Hate Crime Conviction in California

Orange County Defense Lawyer Jennifer Le can help if you have been charged with a hate crime allegation. These allegations can expose a defendant to additional penalties including increased fines and jail sentences. If you or someone you know has been charged with a Hate Crime contact Orange County Criminal Defense Attorney immediately. By providing you with aggressive, effective legal counsel, Attorney Le may be able to help you avoid these additional penalties.

If you or someone you know is under investigation or has been arrested for Hate Crimes to contact Orange County Defense Attorney Jennifer Le today!

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