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A rape accusation can be devastating. Not only will it damage your personal and professional reputation and relationships, but it will also likely result in a criminal charge that you will have to answer to. A rape conviction is usually a felony offense with a state prison sentence of 3, 6, or 8 years as well as mandatory registration as a sex offender. Sex offender registration is a deadly blow to your reputation and usually will last for the rest of your life, dictating where you can and cannot live and work.

A rape charge and case requires the special attention of a seasoned sex crimes defense attorney who is not daunted by overwhelming charges and aggressive prosecution techniques. Because of the sensitive and sometimes violent nature of a rape accusation, some jury members may become prejudiced against the defendant and will be quick to find guilt. An experienced rape defense lawyer will be able to break through those boundaries and communicate your side of the story to the judge and jury in such a way so it is heard and understood.

Rape is a form of sexual assault that involves unwanted or forced sexual intercourse on a person. While 99% of offenders are male, females have been accused and convicted of rape in some cases. No matter the specific situation surrounding your rape charges, you will need a lawyer who can fight to defend you.

Rape and False Accusations

False accusations stemming from jealousy, hatred, revenge and anger may have caused you to be arrested for a rape charge that you did not commit. In addition, unclear or “recovered” memory may have led to rape charges being filed against you.

Orange County rape defense lawyer Jennifer Le is familiar with rape charges and false accusations. By using her past experience combined with his understanding of California state and federal laws, we can build a strong defense in your favor that will serve to prove the accusations your rape charge is based upon are actually false or not backed up by valid evidence.

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Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a third strike case, the criminal court process is stressful at the very least and terrifying at the very worst. Having an aggressive attorney armed with the expertise you need is critical. Having the right lawyer from the beginning of the case could mean the difference between a dismissal and a prison term.

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