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Determined and Diligent Attorney!

Prior to going to Jennifer Le after I had been arrested for the first time in my 28 years of life, I actually went and got a consultation from 2 other attorneys. However, my aunt directed me towards Jennifer Le, being that she is part of and helps out the Vietnamese Community. At first, I was skeptical, because I thought my aunt only Jennifer, just because of the Vietnamese Ads and that they both relate by being Vietnamese.

However, Jennifer has been extremely helpful to me throughout my case. It has been a little over 2 years now since the case started, and Jennifer is always there and making sure I have everything necessary to get the case dropped and expunged.

Being a Veteran, Jennifer, was able to get me into Veterans Court, which is by far the best thing that has happened to me actually. Without them, I don't think id be mentally stable to go through this case with everything else on top of it such as covid 19.

Jennifer is very on top of her cases and truly cares for her clients as well. So help her help you as much as you can, and you'll get the most out of it and eventually a clean record!

Thank you, Jennifer!


Great lawyer

Jennifer Le is a great lawyer. I needed to get a felony warrant recalled and she worked very hard to get it done. She was compassionate and understanding about my situation. My anxiety was very high but she kept me at ease by keeping me informed throughout the whole process. I would highly recommend this lawyer.


She a life saver!

I would like to say Jennifer did a great job representing me. She is professional, wise, well known throughout every courthouse. I am very glad my dad had hire her and not anyone else to represent me when I was incarcerated . She help me post bail and I was able to spend time with my son while I was fighting my case for 5 years. I was flighting a felony case, 6 felony charges, and facing at least 10-15 years in prison. She stood by me all those years and appeared in court every two months for me. She didn't charge me any extra money even though my case took a little longer than expected. She allowed me to make payments even if I couldn't afford it. She was a lifesaver at my lowest point and has help me with her guidance. She was able to prove my innocence and have 6 of my charges dropped and a dismall I could never be able to thank her enough. I highly recommend her!!


Lawyer Jennifer Le is an excellent and top lawyer i have never ever seen before...

I am David, my teenage children who have left home to hang out with friends, add unprofessional cops, and have slandered me as a child endangerment. At first, I went with the public defender is not okay. Then I found a good lawyer Jennifer Le, she is really wise, to say is higher than smart, dynamic, hardworking, diligent, always care about every little detail in the case. I put all my trust in her and waited. The result was perfect, I was cleared by the court and acquitted.
This is the best work of a great lawyer. She made an impression in my life, no language to express my deep gratitude to an excellent lawyer as Jennifer Le. Thank you again, again
God bless you.
May God stays with you always



Jennifer got a count dismissed for me, and was able to work her magic to ease the prosecutor from sending me to jail for lack of responsibility for an unresolved case of 2 years. She lifted a warrant off me as well, so I could get my driving permit. I appreciate her empathy towards my situation, and her giving me insights on my future plans to a become a nutritionist. She has a stern, punctual, yet soft-spoken personality. I am grateful for her help. <3


Jennifer Le

Criminal Defense Attorney

I have been practicing criminal law for almost twenty one years now. Before I opened my law firm, I was a deputy district attorney in Orange County for almost six years. During that time, I prosecuted thousands of criminal cases. Before I was a d.a., I clerked at the District Attorney's Office as well as for civil law firms. I also clerked for a congressman in Washington D.C.

I only practice criminal defense, which means all of my focus and devotion is on helping those who have been arrested and or charged with a crime. I believe everyone is entitled to a vigorous and dedicated defense, and will pursue this goal until justice is served. I look forward to fighting for you and handling your case.


Jennifer really helped me out. Found out that I had a legal issue from 15 years ago and was afraid of going to jail. She did exactly what she said she would do.And her fee was very fair.
If I ever need help again she will be the first one I call.



Jennifer Le was the second attorney I hired to represent me in a DUI case since the first one completely did nothing for me! I received my first DUI back in November 2018 with a BAC of .13 in Los Angeles County. I knew I had a slim chance of getting it down to a wet and reckless, but Jennifer somehow worked her magic with the DA and was able to get me an amendable wet! When she says she fights for you, SHE REALLY DOES! I cannot thank her enough for not giving up on this case and my future. Because of her, I avoided doing jail time, community service and was able to keep my job! Thank you Jennifer!


Excellent attorney

Jennifer is an excellent attorney. Her knowledge of the law, pacience, and clarity has helped me reach the best outcome. She professionally and clearly explained everything that was going on. Her demeanor and attitude is always positive. If I ever need an attorney in the future she will be my first choice!


Knowledge and friendly

She is very knowledgeable in her field, very friendly and loves her work. Our case closed in just time. At first I am skeptical because I thought she is more of a DUI lawyer, but then she proves that she also do well in others like in our case, domestic violence.


Better Than Expected Outcome

Jennifer set realistic expectations for this case from the beginning, but exceeded them in the end. She was communicative and professional every step of the way, and explained the process fully.


Words can't give enough praise

I called numerous lawyers to interview for my case but when I called Jennifer she made me feel at ease about my case. She explained what she would do and can't and how she would do it in detail. No smoke n mirrors and all about the money like other lawyers. My case took longer but she continued to fight for me. I went to court twice and seen her in action in the courtroom she handles it like I never have seen. I have to admit, I was smiling at watching other defendants watch her in action most likely thinking, I wish I hired her she is getting stuff done she is all over and definitely a go-getter. My results I have to say was much better than I imagined. I credit it 10000% to Jennifer Le. She is very good and worth every penny...


Excellent Lawyer

She represented me in the court and got the case dismissed and closed independently.


Thank you

Jennifer Le has been amazing during every step of my process, and has always responded quickly to my many questions and still does even a year after my misdemeanor charges were dropped. When I received my shoplifting citation, I had no idea what to do, but Jennifer laid out my options clearly and we were able to pursue the best possible outcome for myself. Thank you!


Jennifer Le Saved My Future

When I think of Jennifer, I think integrity, intelligence, and peace of mind. Being witness to her effectiveness, I am compelled to speak to her skill as an attorney and to give her the highest recommendation. My father found Jennifer during a turbulent time in my life when I was facing multiple strikes, multiple felonies, and a sex offense charge for indecent exposure. She effectively negotiated with the DA to drop the sex charge, strikes, and misdemeanors involved in the cases related to my 6 arrests. Jennifer developed the best course of action for me and went out of her way to find solutions to my issues with addiction. I am so grateful for her patience with me, and she never once turned her back when I needed help. The plea deal she negotiated has provided a new opportunity for me to reduce the single felony charge I agreed to, has helped me avoid multiple years in prison, and helped me to find a new life in recovery. I am finally getting my life together thanks to the opportunity her advocacy and skilled legal defense allotted me. I recommend her to anyone who desires attentiveness and transparency in representation. She will provide the best legal strategy and outcome for your case, no matter the charges you or a loved one may be facing. I am glad I chose her.